We are organizing one-hour STEM workshops for students participating in the UPRISING after-school program of Universidad Popular (UP) in Little Village, Chicago. UP is a very cool community-driven organization that aims to improve people’s life quality by providing educational opportunities and promoting cultural activities. Click here for more info about UP and for a list of our past workshops at UP.

If you would like to conduct a fun STEM workshop for kids at UP, please fill out the form at the end of this page. We would love to have you!

Workshops should be aimed at presenting scientific concepts/ideas in a cool, straightforward and interactive format. Any scientific topic is welcome, and we will provide you help with getting to UP on the day of the workshop and any supplies/equipment that you may need.

If you are interested, please fill out this form give us more information about your idea!

We also conduct an Youth Diversity Outreach Day at the University of Chicago campus during the spring quarter where graduate students do short demos for kids.