Diversity in Science Speaker Series

In alignment with the University of Chicago’s commitments to investigation and diversity, we proposed to implement a novel quarterly speaker series that dually addresses these commitments. Each quarter, we invite a scientist (biological, physical, or social) with a demonstrated interest or personal experience in underrepresented minority (URM) issues in academia. This guest gives two presentations, a traditional scientific seminar and a diversity seminar sharing their personal and professional experience as a URM in the sciences, discussing recruitment and mentorship of URM students, or speaking on other relevant topics. The goals of this series are to broaden connections across the larger scientific community, address and understand the particular challenges and needs of URM students in the sciences, foster open communication of culture, race, and gender among the student community, and overall embrace diversity at the University of Chicago.


Past Diversity in Science speakers:

Spring 2015 – Dr. Rebecca Calisi

Winter 2015 – Dr. Mark Hernandez

Fall 2014 – Dr. Sandra Glucksmann

Spring 2014 – Dr. Neo Martinez






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